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The Big Boys In LED Cooling Solutions Guides

The Big Boys In LEDs Bridgelux LED Arrays Cooling Solutions Guide Citizen LED Arrays Cooling Solutions Guide GE Infusion LED Arrays Cooling Solutions Guide Osram PrevaLED Light Engine Cooling Solutions Guide Philips Fortimo LED Modules Cooling Soutions Guide Tridonic TALEXXengine Stark LED Modules Cooling Solutions Guide … Continue reading

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Popular New LED Cooling Products 2013 Hell yeah

Future Up dates for LED lights could take down some big boys.. They found that active thermal management technologies now in development, such Nuventix’s SynJet, which (manufactures thermal management products) will lead to better cost savings over the latest aluminum-based solutions, … Continue reading

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LED Lights 2013 from Grow Lights, Reef Lights, High bay led lights, low bay led lights, flood led lights, we have best prices

 Busy Bee Leds LLC grow-lights_reef-lights_industrial-led-lights We work hard to find you the best prices for your new investment into the LED light movement.Text us 24/7 your questions and needs and we will reply with prices and suggestions for you project … Continue reading

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Events IN the LED World—–

14 – 17 October 2012 IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium (CSICS 2012) San Diego, CA, USA E-mail: customer.service@ieee.org www.csics.org 14 – 19 October 2012 International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (IWN2012) Sapporo, Japan E-mail: secretary @ iwn2012.jp http://iwn2012.jp 15 – … Continue reading

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Leds Vs Incandescent

Just Posting some info for friends and family about replacing you house lights with Leds. Here are some guidelines, to see how many lumen an LED bulb must have to replace an old incandescent bulb. This can help you pick … Continue reading

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Good coral Reef Threads found about Led Aquarium Lights

Good Reef Info for growing corals when Using Led aquarium Lights.   Picking good led lights with good wavelengths. Call us and we will build the light with the colors you want! (323) 834-2879 Reef 2 Reef and ModAquatics thanks … Continue reading

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Led Grow Light Guru – Mr Busy Bee Leds Dont over pay for lights contact Brian.

 Welcome to Busy Bee Leds Lighting up the world’s future Light Science And Led Technology Your source for state-of-the-art Led Grow  Lighting Led Aquarium  Lighting CLICK FOR ALL PRODUCTS or CLICK TO SHOP ON eBAY We have set our prices … Continue reading

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Looking for Best Price Led Grow Lights- look no further

Looking for Best Price Led Grow Lights- look no further   Busy Bee Leds Great Product Best Price.  

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High Temperatures in Grow rooms- Reduced your heat, water, fertilizers, Electricity

High Temperatures in Grow rooms- Reduced your heat, water use, fertilizers, ducting fans, Co2 and most importantly reduce your Electricity up to 60%. With Led Grow lights, on average you wont get the same weight in production but add all … Continue reading

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Supplemetal Red 660nm Big Bud Booster led grow light- Adding extra needed color to your grow area

Supplemental led grow lights! Big Bud Booster If you have a grow and yo think you just need some extar Red 660nm to your grow area then hang this light and let it do its stuff! Red is the main … Continue reading

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