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DesignLights Consortium Saving you 40% or 100$ a High Bay Led light.

DesignLights Consortium DesignLights Consortium Is now  Saving you 40% or 100$ a High Bay Led light in some states! We can fill your orders for DLC now. So give us a call for all your Industrial Led Lighting needs! and … Continue reading

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New Led Aquarium Light coming soon We are still working out the bugs.. Busy Bee Leds

We will keep you posted when the light will be ready!        

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How to sell Led Grow Lights-Laughing at other led grow light companies advertising and the fine print

This is funny read this! : for the commercial grower who absolutely must have large, high quality yields. With the XXXXXXX you will avoid suffering from expensive power bills, excessive heat problems, or an overworked power box. The XXXXXXX will … Continue reading

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Led Grow Light Guru – Mr Busy Bee Leds Dont over pay for lights contact Brian.

 Welcome to Busy Bee Leds Lighting up the world’s future Light Science And Led Technology Your source for state-of-the-art Led Grow  Lighting Led Aquarium  Lighting CLICK FOR ALL PRODUCTS or CLICK TO SHOP ON eBAY We have set our prices … Continue reading

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New Reef led lighting July 2012 – Honeycomb 120w Dimmable with Cree leds dimming knobs to adjust intensity.

Honeycomb 120w Dimmable  is our new addition to great pricing for growing coral for the Reef hobbyist 2 separate, switches, Plugs and dimming knobs to adjust intensity. Standard colors, cree leds or our choice wavelengths.

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Are your medical marijuana grow rooms heating up? If so try adding a few Led grow lights

Reduce your heat and electric use! Buy a few Led Grow lights and give them a try! What do you got to loose? A 60% saving in power will definitely cover a 10% reduction in production! YouTube Busy Bee Leds– … Continue reading

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Aquarium Reef Grow Light Updated -Best wavelengths Yet in a great priced Led light

Welcome out updated Black Dragon salt water reef and fresh water grow light. We have been testing new colors and have come up with a first class color nm ratio for your beautiful corals! The black Dragon has also been … Continue reading

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New UFO Released with 8 watt Cree Leds

New UFO Released with 8 watt Cree Leds Need I say any more! Welcome our new Bee Fly Grow Light

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Cree Aquarium Led Lights Best Product Best Price 2012 adjustable with timer

I am working on a new color scheme for our new Black Dragon module aquarium Led lights stay tuned for the release date!.

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