March 2012 The top LED grow lights size sold in the USA:

March 2012 The top grow lights size  sold in the USA: 100 watt 200 watt 300 watt are the most common Lights size sold!

The Top Size Grow lights sold in the USA

These sizes are the top sellers, 100 watt 200 watt 300 watt.
My feeling is that most people want the kick ass light, but the average person cant come up with 2000$ hell or even 7-800$ So I see that most of my sales the lights are around 600$ max! It tends to be a little harder for me because I use so many different wavelengths in my lights which just add to the cost! But I would rather have full spectrum of colors than a bunch of cheep white leds> But the 3500k has proven to help in growing plants! I personally feel that every color helps another in some form, And with white light those wavelengths are not very strong compaird to an individual color by itself!
are the most common Lights size sold!

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