Many Applications For LED Lighting 2013

Applications For LED Lighting  2013

Our High Bay Retro fit kits Led Lights are Widely used in super markets, gas stations, Library’s, factory’s, packing buildings, indoor playgrounds, swimming pools, gymnasiums, shops, subways, platforms, gas stations, car garages,  beauty salons, Offices, decorating shops, container freight stations, Pull Barns, Farm work shops , country garages, constructions sites, new buildings, new home construction, parking lots, Indoors and outdoors and so on.
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Please Inquire within for pricing for multiple light orders. Our prices are based on a single sample, So if you want to order large quantities we will give a much better pricing detail.
Email us your  building size L x W x H and what you are doing inside your building, so we can figure the best power size for your project. We will get you a bid with in 24-48 hours.
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We will get you the best prices or I die trying.

Lights we currently carry are Grow Led Lights Reef/aquarium led lights, high bay leds lights, flood led lights, stadium led lights, UV Led lights, curing led lights, coral led lights, medical marijuana led lights, and some residential led lights.

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