Industrial LED Lighting finally Best time to upgrade

Industrial LED Lighting Slow in price reduction and finally leveling out.

I believe the Industrial LED Lighting industry has hit the bottom or well very close to it.

It has been a few years with high prices for everyone.

Now Prices are so low that your RIO can be as soon as 9 months to a year, depending on how many hours a day your lighting is running.

Act now and jump on the band wagon and replace your high power inefficient lighting, with LED lighting. High Bay, Flood Lights, Sports Lighting, Street lights,parking lot lighting. These are just a few ideas where you can save. With Simple installation. And I must say people don’t pay those local electricians 700$ for any led light installed. If you can just wait two weeks for your order, then I can get you the same fixture for 300$. Now that is almost 60% savings. Don’t pay high prices for stock items sitting in a wear house that could just be a year out dated.

God Bless American, and please buy from Americans. Every little bit helps keep money here so we keep spending on our circle as much as possible.

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