Finally, LED Grow light prices are falling 2014

Its been almost 5 years since the first good led grow light hit the market. And now led grow lighting is close to where they should be.  An average person can now afford to buy a led grow light and have it not cost a arm and a leg to set up a decent size grow room.

Stinger ST Led Grow Lights 3 weeks budding hornet 303  2011 5 IMG_0469.jpg ST24 busy bee leds 22 small Busybeephotos2 Busybeephotos3 busy bee led grow lights in herb pod Best grow lights in usa . Best product at the best price period, or we die trying.

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Retrofit Fixtures.








The incentive catalog applies to the following applications and includes equipment specifications for the following applications:

  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Tune-up/Maintenance
  • Kitchen, Refrigeration, and Laundry
  • Building Envelope and Insulation
  • Custom

Download the application that you need for your project:

Download the application that you need for your project:

Lighting Incentives Chart


Incentive application

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