LED Grow Lights New Idea’s New Lights for 2014

LED Grow Lights


New Idea’s New Lights!

New STINGER G4 NEW 125_2014 Price List PDF

Stinger STG6 880w 1000w grow led light Busy Bee Leds

Hello all you USA growers.

We have worked hard to come up with a better solution to get more power in a smaller light, which in turn has given us a better foot print overall for those who have larger grow opt or grow area’s.

With more power we can raise the lights further away from harms  ways and your heads, which in turn also helps in reducing the amount of led grow lights that you need per square foot.

We still tell all our customers, it is always better to set up two smaller power lights to cover an area rather than that same amount of power of two in just one light. Why? well because, it helps reduce shading for your plants and  it gives you a better light to light coverage over the whole plant.

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