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We have set our prices at Rock Bottom For Led Grow Lights and Led Aquarium Lights! Led Gym Lights.

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UPDATE: Aug, 21, 2012.

*Prices seem to keep falling a few dollars for Led grow lights and led Aquarium Lights.

*A lot of new lights coming out this month, and I am very excited to see everyone’s new approaches and New ideas for the next generation of Led Grow Lights and Led Aquarium lights.

* This month we are focused on getting our sample lights and posters together so we can  stop in and set up our led light display at your local Garden or Grow Stores all across Michigan, this way you can stop in and see a Stinger Led grow light in person and then place your order of one of 13 different sizes we for our Stinger series of Led Grow Lights. Look for that Bright Light hanging in the stores with that cool poster posted behind it!

Then Our next goal will be to get Our Black Dragon Led Coral Grow Lights Into the local Aquarium and fish tank stores as well.

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