High Temperatures in Grow rooms- Reduced your heat, water, fertilizers, Electricity

High Temperatures in Grow rooms- Reduced your heat, water use, fertilizers, ducting fans, Co2 and most importantly reduce your Electricity up to 60%.

With Led Grow lights, on average you wont get the same weight in production but add all those other savings and it is ton more then the little less weight you loose, you know I’m right! You can get the same weight if you let me design your light spacing!

So why is it taking so long for people to change to LED GROW LIGHTS. knowledge equals $. So start saving fellas…………

Call me for your custom LED grow light layout. So many grow light companies advertise that their lights can cover x of amount of area for budding, but this is just not true this is what is still giving the led grow light business a bad name!

I don’t advertise that my lights can grow a bigger area than they can! Its all about head to head coverage and shading, reduce these issues and start saving and producing just as much as the old style lights do!

So what are you waiting for? Call today and let me help you set up your Grow area the right way!

(323) 834-2879

Thanks: Brian S. The Led Grow Light Guru………………

Great Product with the best Price Period..Just try me.

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