Saving electricity and going green with High Power LED Lights

Saving electricity and going green

 with High Power LED Lights

If your a big manufacturing plant or even a small business owner who has High Bay low bay Lights usinf 450 High pressure sodium then look no further than Busy Bee Leds we have the best prices replacement High and low bay lights on the planet we are a small company so our over head is 0. This is how we can get you a price on Led lights that will save you upwards to 80% on your current light bill.

Just one replacement l50w Led high bay or retro fit light will save you 720$ each year. So if you have a 100 400w high pressure sodium light you will save 71,000 per year on wasted electricity.

Don’t wait, invest now and in 6 to 9 months, have your lights paid for in full.

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