High Bay LED Lighting Best Product Best Prices

High Bay LED Lighting Best Product Best Prices or we die trying.

Call us, so we can get you an estimate for your shop pole barn warehouse. Or what ever your needs are for LED Lighting. Just give us your qty needed and your address and zip code and we can get you estimate by morning.

Don’t get screwed by buying direct from some factory that you dont know anything about.

That is my job. The job I have done for the last 9 years. I know who is good and who to stay away from. In Fact Many factories are not factories at all,  but just re sellers in china that buy from factories and pretend to be a factory.

We call them Fly by dragons. 🙂

They sell some products for a year then start selling something different later and then you never can get a hold of them again when you start to have problems.

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This UFO High bay is 225w replacing the 300w LED lights now.

Putting out 30,000lm +/- depending on what CCT you choose.


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