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Our Light Projects

2013 High Bay Light Project for M.L. Auto in Wisconsin.

Thanks Tony for the photos!

150w 120 degree150w with 120 degree reflectors

100w 60 degree reflector

100w 60 degree reflector


100w 60 degree reflector

100w 60 degree reflector


Busy Bee Leds LLC High Bay led Light Instal 200w 20ft setting 100lm watt 20152015 200w ~ 90 degree Reflector ~ Suttons Bay BB-SBHL200A Series

Less wasted light on the wall and more light down where you need it as you can see in the photo.

A Happy Customer, He is ordering more this year.

brian 300w high Bay Flood our Deuce shop2015 6 x 300w Deuce Led flood lights

20151107_193542100w BB-SHB100 High Bay led Light about 14ft over a work bench with 120 degree reflector.

100 ufo high bay led light larry busy bee leds

100w UFO for Dream Machines of Texas.

20151112_184622Deuce 350w Flood light 140/80 degree lens


(90ft away 20ft height) Great security.


Grow Lights

Busybeephotos2300w Hornets Grow lights in our Herb Pod.



High power led lights, from Industrial, commercial, warehouse led lights, High Bay, Low Bay, Street Led Lights, Flood Led Lights, Manufacturing led lights, retro fit kit led lights, gas station led lights and warehouse led lights. We focus on High Grade Long Lasting LED lights for your future and many generations to come. We have 3 year, 5 year and soon 10 year warranties.

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