Grow the best medical medicine with Hydro grow styles and with Busy Bee Leds Grow lights

Grow the best Medical marijuana with Hydro grow style hydroponics! Plus don’t settle paying for High priced Led Grow light just to give 33% of your money to these big companies who have big overheads!

We don’t have a big over head, this is how we can have the greatest Products with the Best prices period!

We will work with you personally to get you the light you need not the light you don’t need! Do not settle with second generation lights built on PC boards, these lights will require you to send them back to china to get them fixed! With our high rated Stingers we can just send you a replacement module if you have any leds go bad.  We can even send you a different color ratio in the new module if you want to change a light to a Veg light!

Please Get a hold of me, send me a text and I will reply asap.. Please don’t spend all that extra money when I can get you what you want, It might take a few extra days but I know every manufacturing plant In Shenzhen China and have a personal rep with each one!

About Busy Bee

Northern Michigan
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