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High power led lights, from Industrial, commercial, warehouse led lights, High Bay, Low Bay, Street Led Lights, Flood Led Lights, Manufacturing led lights, retro fit kit led lights, gas station led lights and warehouse led lights. We focus on High Grade Long Lasting LED lights for your future and many generations to come. We have 3 year, 5 year and soon 10 year warranties.

We sell only the best product in the current market for the best price period or we die trying. God speed

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  1. jcas286 says:

    (BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK) I would have to agree! Purchased the stinger st24! Arrived in no time. I switched to using LEDs about a year ago, and just recently thought I’d replace my old ones with something that had a little more kick to it! Stumbled across busybee, and glad I did! This light is massive! Aside the amazing quality, the brightness from these diodes are INSANE!!! I’ll definitely be getting a few more of these bad boys soon!

  2. Manufacturer99 says:

    In our business, lighting was never a big priority for our 100′ x 200′ building. But when we saw how much we could save every month, that all changed. Now it’s all about efficiency.” Thank Busy Bee Leds Thanks Brian for having the best prices and also helping us reduce our high bay fixture by almost half. We used the 300w Norsemen instead of using a 150w at each location that currently used a 400w high bay. Again thanks for the great service as well.

  3. lbkpro says:

    Brian is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. He decided what would suit my situation best would be a custom light he is designing and providing at an unbelievable price! Great customer service!

  4. james says:

    You are a very professional, you know what colors are needed in MM grow lights! You have given us the best
    price. Your lights are solid. All of your led lights use the best parts and produce amazing results!
    I’m very happy to keep buying from you.
    But you need more rest, because you are always working like your company name “Busy Bee”.
    You will have successful and booming business Brian, thanks and have a great day. James

  5. Chris says:

    Lights arrived as advertised except much BRIGHTER. Plan on replacing all of my 400W HIDS with
    200W led. It appears that this will be a 1 for 1 change out. Thanks Brian.

  6. puffin man says:

    wow I was impressed after my first harvest using 600 w of led from busybee. I am old school. I have been growing for 10yrs SOG with 600 w hps. With led stretch was very little and internodes were real tight . I mean tight . also no more problem with heat build up . my electric bill dropped by 2/3 rds. I grow hydro and I noticed my water and plant food was reduced a lot also. lights are more expensive but in the long run with less electricity and no more buying 85.00 bulbs every 9 mths.this is the light to use . thanks puffin man

  7. terry says:

    Brian, a professional of led grow lights , my plants increase production 5-6 times by his led grow lights with 3W single chips. The Lights are very intense and the light has good uniform distribution. I will buy more next month.

  8. SOLO says:

    Busybeeleds, great company Brian knows a lot about grow lights and always has best favorable price with high-level quality and quick delievry! I like them very much. Thanks for your good service.

  9. jack says:

    What a great new way to produce light have been using a 420w bee fly for three months now and the results have been the same as using 3 x 600w son-t. Fantastic! And for a third of the electric bill. Thanks spinny for what you have done.

  10. dopecoil says:

    Sorry just had to say,the amount of penertration a busybee led light produces is amazing,when i recieved my led light from busybees i already had one plant going in to flower,needless to say within three weeks the plant had bud sites on every part of the plant and had tripled in size.The amount of leaves the plant had produced in such a short period of time took my breath away.

  11. dopecoil says:

    I brought a 200watt busy bee led light over five weeks ago and am absolutely blown away by the results.

    My plants are fat and bushy and look like they have been grown outdoors in asia.Ive used many other led lights over the years but have never had this rate of growth or such healthy looking plants.

    The 200watt model im using is easily outperforming a 400watts hps and in over 25 years of growing ive never seen this rate of growth or such gorgeous looking plants under traditional lighting.

    Forget other led lights on the market,busybees have what i would consider to be the best tech and there lights leave other companys like prosource worldwide,advancedledlighting and hydrogrow in the shade.

    I have a friend who uses a magnum led light and hes gobsmacked that my light that uses less watts is producing better results.

    Im so glad i found busybees and cant rate there lights highly enough.Forget 1970s hps lights or HID,the future is here and its affordable.

    Thanks brian,your lights are the bomb and produce amazing results!!!!

  12. blitzace says:

    my blackdragon just got in hooked it up an noticed area coverage, intensity of the light goes through the foliage so the plant gets alot of light . an i use it to veg some pretty tall plants an alot of em an this light covers them nicely . remember to use glasses or go blind 😛

  13. mythreekids3 says:

    Had just what I needed at a great price, also love the fact the sound is so low it doesnt disrupt anything else going on.

  14. growguru says:

    Thanks for the kick butt light and waiting for my payment! Love the color and light is well made and I am impressed how quiet it really is..thanks again….G.G.

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