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Leds Vs Incandescent

Just Posting some info for friends and family about replacing you house lights with Leds. Here are some guidelines, to see how many lumen an LED bulb must have to replace an old incandescent bulb. This can help you pick … Continue reading

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A Pro source of Led Lights! Look no further!

Are you looking for a Pro source for A Great Led Grow Light Reef Led Lights and even Commercial Led Lighting? Then Look no further! We ship world wide. We get the Best shipping prices for a great product, with … Continue reading

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March 2012 The top LED grow lights size sold in the USA:

March 2012 The top grow lights size  sold in the USA: 100 watt 200 watt 300 watt are the most common Lights size sold! The Top Size Grow lights sold in the USA These sizes are the top sellers, 100 … Continue reading

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The unbelievable World’s first Adjustable LED Grow Light

World’s first Adjustable LED Grow Light Check out our highly awaited adjustable led grow light!   5bands spectrum: Red(660nm):Red(630nm):UV:Blue(460nm):White(7000k)=7:2:1:2::1     Here is our new number:::(323) 834-BUSY

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High-Powered NASA Grow-Light Reduces Chemotherapy Side Effects!

High-Powered NASA Grow-Light Reduces  Side Effects!  A powerful NASA-developed grow lamp designed for the space shuttle can ease a debilitating side effect of cancer treatment, according to a new study. That’s directly from the lamp itself, not because it is … Continue reading

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