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XM-L LEDs Explaining Tint, Binning, and CRI

For XM-L LEDs Tint, Binning, and CRI Explained     Tint There are 3 basic tints. Cool White is a very pure white and is what most lights are. This generally has a low CRI (color rendition index) and will … Continue reading

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Cree XML vs XML2, Shazam we all like higher effeciency and better CRI but its Lumens we need

Cree XML vs XML2 XM-L The XM-L first became available in December 2010. It is a 5 mm*5 mm LED with a die size of 2 mm*2 mm. (4mm2) It is one of the larger LEDs that Cree makes and … Continue reading

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Good coral Reef Threads found about Led Aquarium Lights

Good Reef Info for growing corals when Using Led aquarium Lights.   Picking good led lights with good wavelengths. Call us and we will build the light with the colors you want! (323) 834-2879 Reef 2 Reef and ModAquatics thanks … Continue reading

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Wavelengths for Grow Lights and Aquarium Led Lights – we do custom grow lights for a small fee

So many colors to choose from right! Well that’s not all, there are even what we call dual wavelengths! dual wavelengths are wavelengths that do well-(help)¬† other wavelengths¬† when combined with others to create a perfect color for even better … Continue reading

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