Busy Bee Leds grow light and aquarium Repair Center

I want to thank Greg H From Under The Sea maintenance, for taking care of my led grow light and aquarium light customers. He is one of the fastest repair facility I know, when your light shows up he figures out the problem and takes care of it. He gets the light back out in 24 hours.

Greg is very knowledgeable in leds and  led light dynamics, both grow lights and aquarium led lights.

Thanks again Greg.

Brian S Owner Busy Bee Leds.

Under The Sea Maintenance

12955 Highway 82a

Tahlequah, OK 74464


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Northern Michigan
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2 Responses to Busy Bee Leds grow light and aquarium Repair Center

  1. Craig Henderson says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I purchased a LED panel from a UK company – Clever Grow on 29/06/2015

    After a short time (not used more than 4months) the panel has developed a
    fault. I have attempted to contact Clever Grow but they have stopped

    I am unable to find anyone who will service/repair it.

    Is this something you could do?

    Or possibly give me details of a company who will?

    Any help greatly affected.
    Many thanks.

    Best Regards

    C Henderson

    • Busy Bee says:

      All I can suggest is to attempt to find out where he had the light manufactured.
      And call them or email them and talk to them about getting parts.
      This is why I tell so many customers never to buy from someone who only offers one or two yr warranty.
      Most lights now should offer 3-5 yr warranty.
      I’m sorry to say that my repair shop in USA, the man retired.
      So I’m looking for a new repair person also.
      But I don’t have many problems with my lights because we use all the best components to start with.
      I don’t want to deal with broken lights.Once and a while We have a Lemon.
      If you can not track down the manufacture then you just might have to start over and
      take it as a learning experience very sorry for your Loss. Your grow Friend.
      Brian S.

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