500w Industrial Led Grow Light new 2015

industrial grade led grow light full spectrum

industrial grade led grow light full spectrum







Industrial Led Grow Light



  • Shipping Included
  • Cree Leds Full Spectrum
  • Lens Angle~shipped with 80° (lenses 45°/80°/120°)
  • Light comes with no reflector, no need!
  • If you want reflector we only have 120° and shipping is another 135$
  • Wet Location/IP65
  • CRI~Ra>75
  • UL cUL certified
  • AC100-277V/AC200V-480V
  • Working Temp~-30 – +40℃
  • Cable~3 core,18AWG (6ft)
  • 120 degree reflector optional.
  • 2 x 240w Mean well drivers 5yr warranty
  • Qty Discount please text us. 1-323-834-2879

Busy Bee Leds Industrial LED Grow light CCT




Lenses grow light




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Avoid this grow light company Shenzhen Heng Yi Technology Co., Ltd. LED Star Lighting

Bad Chinese Grow Light Company

Do not buy from this led grow light company below.

They have not be fair or even honest about what leds and what power they use in their grow lights. Many Chinese companies do these types of things, Just to profit more.

I have tried contacting them over and over with many email and phone calls with no response. Poor customer service is definitely something you want to avoid.

So either they are getting ready to go bankrupt or they just dont give a shit.. And a company who just does not give a shit is not a company that I would ever suggest to a friend..

I have worked with a lot of different factories in china and I Have had good luck with who I buy from but I also have done my fair share of research on each company I work with for designing and building grow lights to my specs! So beware and I would not suggest buy any lights from LED STAR until they have removed this grow light from there web sites. Below is all their info!

This perticular grow light is far and I am far from the power they advertise in fact I have figured that every size is the same size or wattage, around 130w max. 130w is basically worthless.

Company Contact Information

Shenzhen Heng Yi Technology Co., Ltd.

also know as LED Star Lighting






West Floor 11, Block A, 196 Tangtou Road, Shixin Community, Shiyan Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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high bay led

High Bay Led

High Bay Led lights Feb 26 2015

Market for LED lamps in general lighting in USA to grow at 22.4% CAGR from $1.22bn to $3.36bn in 2019

The market value of LED lamps installed for general lighting in the USA (including indoor & outdoor accent and functional lighting for residential, commercial and government areas) reached $1.22bn in 2014. This will grow strongly at average annual growth rate of 22.4% to $3.36bn in 2019. According to a market forecast and analysis report by ElectroniCast Consultants.

The consumption value is forecast to increase with strongly rising quantity growth slightly offset by declining average prices.

The market study breaks out the forecast by eight major lamp types: parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR), general service (A-Type), decorative, multi-faceted reflector (MR)-compatible, tube and strips/tape, street-lights, high-bay, and other/ miscellaneous LED lighting.

Some lamp categories, in turn, have multiple sub-categories, determined by physical size and Watt equivalents of the lamp.

ElectroniCast quantifies the LED tape by the meter price/quantity, and over 15 million meters are expected for installation in 2015 in the USA.

LED strips have LEDs on a flexible printed-circuit board, and the super thin profile and narrow width make them suitable for a multitude of purposes where fluorescent or halogen lights would be too bulky and consume too much power.

Several cities in the USA have already installed LED street-lights. The installed value of LED based lamps used in street lighting in the United Sates is forecast to hit $728 million in 2019. So says Stephen Montgomery a principal analyst – LED Practice at ElectroniCast. The Government sector leads in terms of consumption value in the LED-based street-lamp product category.

In 2014, the Government sector held 80% of the total LED streetlight lamp market in the USA, he notes.

Thanks for post: semiconductor-today.com


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“Avoiding” Shenzhen Heng Yi Technology Co., Ltd. (LED Star Lighting) for False advertising silent led grow lights

Avoid the Chinese Company LED STAR

“Avoid”This Factory for their Silent Grow Lights

Shenzhen Heng Yi Technology Co., Ltd. (LED Star Lighting)

For False advertising about their silent led grow lights.

silent grow light





Avoid the Chinese Company LED STAR

They Don’t keep their word. I don’t like companies who cant work with you!

American LED Grow lights We are A True American Company who works hard to get you the prices you want. Buse Bee Leds LLC

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New 2015 800w LED Grow Light Hornet G-16

busy-bee-led-lights smaller header 2.jpg

 American LED Grow lights

Hornet G4-16

800w LED Grow Light Hornet G4-16

$788.00+shipping$154 = $942.00

  • Input Voltage(V): Ac85-265v

  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 9600

  • Wavelength: Red:620-630~660; Orange:610-615;Blue:450-470

  • Power: 400pcs of 3w single chip 620MA

  • Size: L330*W330*H124mm

  • Dimmable

  • Free hanging wires

Text Us 24/7 any question you have. 323-834-2879




QTY Discounts.





stinger G4 info.jpg

American LED Grow lights

Sincerely: Brian S.

Industrial & Grow led light Guru’s.

Spain Li Yan and me Dec 2013  7.jpg


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Best Priced UL DLC High Bay Industrial Lighting

Best Priced UL DLC High Bay Industrial Lighting

We are starting  a new company Lumiluxx, we are doing this to separate our Grow lights and Reef lights from our Industrial Led Lighting customers. were doing this So that each of our customers will feel more comfortable and to increase faith when ordering from us.

We will beat any price on LED High bay, low bay, flood, Sports led lighting, shoe box, wall packs, street lighting, Tubes, Panels. We dont list all led lighting but we can get them for you in any qty you need. AS you may know that the bigger the order the bigger the raw material order as well giving us leverage to get you the best price possible.


Spain Lucy and Brian on Industrial led lighting venture

UL DLC Industrial Lighting

American LED Grow lightsThank You for your business. – See more at: http://highbayledlights.net/busybee/led-grow-lights-reef-lights/led-light-retro-fit-kit/#sthash.oBqzzic8.dpuf


Sincerely Brian & Yan

American LED Grow lightsThank You for your business.

– See more at: http://highbayledlights.net/busybee/led-grow-lights-reef-lights/led-light-retro-fit-kit/#sthash.oBqzzic8.dpuf

Sincerely Brian & Yan

American LED Grow lightsThank You for your business.

– See more at: http://highbayledlights.net/busybee/led-grow-lights-reef-lights/led-light-retro-fit-kit/#sthash.oBqzzic8.dpuf





Sincerely Brian & Yan

American LED Grow lightsThank You for your business.

– See more at: http://highbayledlights.net/busybee/led-grow-lights-reef-lights/led-light-retro-fit-kit/#sthash.oBqzzic8.dpuf





Sincerely Brian & Yan

American LED Grow lightsThank You for your business.

– See more at: http://highbayledlights.net/busybee/led-grow-lights-reef-lights/led-light-retro-fit-kit/#sthash.oBqzzic8.dpuf

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Industrial Led Lighting Retrofit kits selling well, sales will increase for 2015

Industrial LED Lighting

Retrofit kits selling well all over world sales should increase in 2015

Industrial Led Lighting Retrofit kits.
LED Retrofit kits

Sample costs + 45$ shipping
Call or text us any question..323-834-2879


Qty Discounts Retrofit Kit 120W

50pcs~ $214.00/ea

also available

150w UL DLC

50pcs~ $253.00/ea

Other sizes available

35w  45w 60w 65w 80w 105w 120w

150w 185w 200w 240w 320w 400w 450w


Text us any question 24/7

We ship world wide ~please text us for shipping total to your location!

All models are to installed by E26~E27~E39~E40 mounting brackets.

120w retromax (Duplicate) 240w retro fit kit

retro fit kit SHOE BOX led light




American LED Grow lights

Sincerely Brian S.

Spain Li Yan and me Dec 2013  7.jpg

Industrial LED Lighting Specialists.

Call text 24/7 323-834-2879

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LED Grow Lights New Idea’s New Lights for 2014

LED Grow Lights


New Idea’s New Lights!

New STINGER G4 NEW 125_2014 Price List PDF

Stinger STG6 880w 1000w grow led light Busy Bee Leds

Hello all you USA growers.

We have worked hard to come up with a better solution to get more power in a smaller light, which in turn has given us a better foot print overall for those who have larger grow opt or grow area’s.

With more power we can raise the lights further away from harms  ways and your heads, which in turn also helps in reducing the amount of led grow lights that you need per square foot.

We still tell all our customers, it is always better to set up two smaller power lights to cover an area rather than that same amount of power of two in just one light. Why? well because, it helps reduce shading for your plants and  it gives you a better light to light coverage over the whole plant.

American LED Grow lights



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LED industry news china kicks off mandatory LED certification standards

China Kicks Off Mandatory LED Certification Standards

China’s Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) has recently published LED regulations to improve the country’s product certification process. Adjustments have been made to the mandatory regulations to include LEDs, and will become effective starting in Sept. 1, 2014.

Once the latest regulations come into effect, related government agencies and organizations must certificate products accordingly. Products certified before the new regulations can still be deployed. Manufacturers should take products to designated certification organizations in China to have products certified according to the new regulations, or manufacture new product models to meet the standards.

CNCA cited technology advancements and the launch of new products on the market resulted in the latest amendments:

Designated certification organizations in China will implement these new standards during certification of manufacturers products, and will carry out related promotions. Starting from Sept. 1, 2015, any products in the above list cannot be manufactured, sold, imported or used in any other business activities without approval.

Read More

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Our Future for our USA Factories and warehousing


The Future of our USA companies can be very bright, if they up grade to new Industrial LED Lights soon.



If some companies and especially small corporations don’t jump onto the Cost saving they can get form LED lights they just might have a better chance of going out of business, There are a lot of companies upgrading and the cost saving they get can really help them reinvest in new area’s and end up getting the edge on their competition and run them out of business. Listen people were talking 100,000 of thousands of dollars each year in cost savings on electricity! it isn’t rocket science to know and figure what your bill is now and then just cut it in half at the minimum and see your saving in a year!

Why give it to somone else?

call me lets get you some New Led Lights for your factory warehouse or any big buildings you may have!


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