About our Led Grow Lights

About Our Led Grow Lights


Stinger ST Led Grow Lights

“Voted best design & best Price for years.

The Stinger series gives out just the right amount of light intensity with out hurting your plants. This series of lights has the latest in module design for easy maintenance, upgrades and ultimate cooling.

The Stinger Led Grow Light is the best new design with the best price In module design and maintenance. These lights are great for grow tents and grow rooms and large green houses. This lights runs a lot cooler than our hornets. The Hornets run hotter only because there are more leds per sq inch per light. With the Hornets you get more light intensity in the coverage of the lights so there is a trade off.

The Hornets are our first Gen Grow lights, the first light to have 20 wavelengths in history. To figure out the foot print of each light at 3 ‘ above  your plants just add 12″ around the size of the light if using 90 degree lenses a 12×12 light should give you a 3×3 area. This will give you a good coverage at maximum suggested height above your plants which is 3’. We suggest lowering the lights at least 12-18″ for the last few weeks of the budding stage!

We have designed the stingers so that every grower can easily design his layout to his intensity and specifications. Here at Busy Bee Leds we have 13 different sizes for our Stinger series, for all those odd shaped grow areas, grow tents, and large green houses. Some of the sizes now require a min Order qty of ten
We keep our prices at rock bottom and will continue to do so, so that every new size grower can afford to get into growing your own food, flowers, or any plant year round with leds lights!.

We don’t fib and tell you that a 300 watt led grow light will cover a 5×5 area, well of course it will but you wont be happy with the results for medical Marijuana, and I don’t want unhappy campers!

So I tell it like it truly is!. We tell everyone that grow lights will cover approximately 12″ inches around the light at 3′ above your plants and it depends on if you are growing lettuce or medical marijuana for your patients!.

Yes if you are just vegging or growing leafy plants your don’t need the intensity of certain colors, and a 300w will cover twice the area but different plants need different intensity. Remember Don’t believe everything that is posted, especially from the Big Companies,  they just want to sell lights and please don’t pay 1600$ for a 300w grow light. for 1600$ our lights can cover 96sq ft for the same money.

We here at Busy Bee Leds want Busy Bee Leds lights out there helping people reduce there energy use and helping the new modern farmer reduce his grow cost as well. “Green Is Good”!

Brian @ BBL wants His led lights out there helping people grow their own food, plus helping save this environment and reducing the water usage by farmers. We want to sell affordable led grow lights, affordable for people like you, people who need things like Medication, supplemental food, Herbs, flowers it is endless what you can grow with busy bee led grow lights. For all you new farmers who wants to get into the horticultural industry growing what ever your heart desires we want to help you get a great light with out breaking the bank.

We strive for The best Product for the best Price period. If you can find a better Price, let me know and I will do everything I can to either save you more or match the price!


And Built WITH 20 WAVELENGTHS. We Have currently back off our wavelengths to 10-12nm

Still available is our Hornet “Best Sea Of green and scrog led grow light on the market with a now slightly reduced wavelength for cost reasons and color availability.The Hornet led grow light now uses 10 full spectrum tuned Wavelengths for superior Vegging and Budding performance in one light with no turning off half of the leds for veg or budding to accomplish!. Why would you want to ever run a light at half power? This was just a sales gimmick as far as I’m concerned.

The Hornet is the first light in history to have 20 wavelengths in one bad boy full spec Led Grow light. Our lights are the first led grow lights in the USA to have the new aluminum board for amazing heat displacement and with the larger fans for better efficient airflow for cooling. Our lights run quieter and much cooler with the new Aluminum boards.

We have researched for the best peak spectrum’s for plant growth and production. We are now offering it to the whole world for all farmers, green house owners, caregiver, gardeners, horticulturist, scientist, and the common home owner who wants to grow there own food or even flowers. Are lights will grow everything!

1st gen below.

The Hornet 303 with 90 degree lenses


Hornet 303 in test area


The Hornet 303

Busy Bee  Led grow lights

What can I grow?
You can grow any indoor/outdoor plant with a Busy Bee Led Light ®. Use a Busy Bee Led grow light to grow orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheat grass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, strawberries and many other flowers, fruits and vegetables.
Busy Bee Led®s are great for growing any houseplant and are the best choice for nurseries or retail stores needing to provide additional lighting to plants over your grow area or inside your buildings with minimum lighting available.


Hornet 303 In our Heb pod set at 3′ on center

We strive for The best Product for the best Price period!




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