2016 “glare bombs” called UFO High Bay Led Lights buyer beware

Buyer beware UFO series High Bay Led Lights


:To all my fellow Americans.

This post is to inform you to be aware of the new series of high bay led lighting, that most factories are calling UFO’s

These fixtures are great in one category, they are putting out the best LPW, Lumen Per watt in the industry today and are very great on price. Most retyail price for a 200w should be around 200$ about $1 per watt.

But they highly lack that so called reflector that 99% of high bay lights need. And why do they need this reflector . Well for some of you I am sure you know there are a couple reasons.

1. To help refocus the light to the working height or floor, which can also help reduce light loss if you use 45 degree 60 degree. up to 115 degree because most leds are already 120 degree.

2. The most important is GLARE. #glare

A reflector will cut the glare in a warehouse factory or large building to -0- by hiding the light source and that being the leds in this case.

Glare can ruin your day by giving you a headache real fast, especially when your inside a building all day with bright lights glaring down at you.

So when your standing in a room and you can visually see the hots of the (leds) #glarebomb from the lamp above blasting into your eye, then this is not good. Now of course the light that is directly over head of you will give you some glare but usually your not looking straight up at it. It is all the other fixtures in the building that you should not be able to see the LEDs . So we use Reflectors.

So That being said, unless your lights set height for your high bays in your building is under 30ft or lower, it is best that you not buy a #UFOhighbayledlight unless you add the frosted Lens to them.Or maybe retrofit a small 6-12 inch reflector around them. Iam not sure who idea it was to build such a light with out a reflector for industrial use but I belive they forgot their brain that monday morning.

Now there is another problem with this high bay and that is you can add a frosted lends vs the clear glass cover but when you add that frosted lens to the light, you can loose up to 25% of the lumens that you need at your working height to replace that old 400w MH.

So example To replace a 400w Metal Halide you need at least 24,000lm from a led high bay. If you buy a 240w UFO that puts out 100 lumens per watt, this is the exact power of light you need for your 1:1 replacement of your 400w MH.

But If you subtract that 25% loss from the frosted lens you now have a 240w ufo high bay Light that you bought to replace your 400w, but it now only produces 18,000 lumens. I must say that would be a very bad purchase.And I would feel bad if this happened to anyone. That is Why I am here and why I started Busy Bee Leds LLC to get the best product for the best price to all my fellow Americans. We also started a new company called Lumiluxx all Industrial High power led lighting go take a look. we are slowly updating new lights all the time.

So this is why I wanted to make this post, to let those of you understand when buying any led light high bay light that is frosted you better do some math. The best way to know for sure, well not always the best way because many factories will cheat on the test or do the test to high, but ask for an IES file with the frosted lens in the wattage of the UFO you are interested in or any other high bay led for that matter, at least it give you an Idea. I have another trick I use to know for 100% sure about a high bay light and its LM/W but I cant give you all my secrete now can I, If I did that why would you need my expertise !

FYI: High Bay Led Lighting in the market today should be putting out 110-120lm/w and up to 133lm/w. But this can  depend greatly on your cct, which is your kelvin or color of light you choose. That is another thing I quickly need to touch base on right now since I am talking about LM/W, lumens per watt, LPW.

When you go down in Kelvin or CCT you loose lumens per watt, so if you go from 5700k to 4000k you can loose as much as 20lm/w. I thought I would just share that info with you as well.

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If you have any projects you would like our opinion on please don’t hesitate and drop us a text 24/7 or call us our phone number receives text message and photo files if you so happen to want to send us a photo of your project for us to look at.

Good luck my fellow American. GOD BLESS….

Brian S.

Photo below No Glare in the distance but 20ft is higher than I would suggest. you can just see a little glare one light out even using 90 degree reflectors. So keep that in mind when ordering your new high bay lights.

Busy Bee Leds LLC High Bay led Light Instal 200w 20ft setting 100lm watt 2015


Photo below a lot of glare, these are just examples so you can see the glare bomb (streaks) in the photo! #lightstreaks also considered #glarebrian  300w high Bay Flood our Deuce shopWe do currently have a UFO high bay led light with a 120 degrees 60 degree reflector available which is inside the light, it will help reduce this issue. With the 60 degree it really helps increase your lm/w to your working height compared to 120. but your ft print is a little less.

ufo 100w_150w_200w_240w_133lm watt busy bee high bay

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  1. Can this light be used as a recessed downlight, with 200W?
    If yes, send me the detailed specs, and prices, chip, driver, and warranty

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