Industrial LED Lights

Busy Bee Leds LLC

We sell commercial and Industrial grade LED Lighting,

for many different applications.

Commercial led lighting has finally reach its milestone. Replacing old high energy use Metal Halide fixtures. LED Lighting is no longer being seconded  guessed.

We started in the Grow Light business 6 yrs ago, and now we are also deep into the business focused on other indoor and outdoor high power LED lighting. like high bay led lights , low bay led light, street lights, flood light, sports lighting, parking lot, retrofits, shoe box, canopy, and large industrial application lighting systems.

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High Bay

Hottest high bay for 2016

Hottest high bay for 2016

LED Flood Lights


Parking lot Lights

150w led parking lot

150w led parking lot





@ BBL wants their led lights affordable! We want the average and even below average income person to be able to afford a led Light. This is why we started Busy Bee Leds.

We strive for The best product for the best price period, or we die trying.

Replace your old High Bay HID HPS fixtures with our efficient LED High bay low bay lights. Or your Flood and Stadium Led Lights.

 We have the best led lights replacements for high bay,  low bays, street lights, flood lights, sports lighting parking lots, retrofits, retrofit kits..

International Express: Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT and EMS. By air to major airports of the world. Slow or Fast Express
If you have preferred carrier, please notify us in advance.


Text me your questions 24/7 and we will reply to you asap!

(323) 834-2879

Industrial Led Lights, high bay lights, low bay lights, grow lights, reef lights, led warehouse lighting , led manufacturing lighting, led street, sea ports, Air Port, Querry, Landfill, mining,Stone Industry,Gold Mines, etc.

We strive for The best Product for the best Price period or we die trying!

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