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We Strive for the best products

for the best prices period or we die trying.

As our company Grows we have to look towards other high power LED lighting to help our planet and the needs of the people and big companies around us. We want to inform all our LED grow light and LED aquarium/reef light clients that we will always be staying on top of the next best thing for there needs.

We also want to inform our current and future clients that we will be adding More High Power led lighting, that we feel is very much needed to help with this worlds Future.

We Look forward to helping those around us move towards a greener and safer environment for future generations, who will walk this planet long after we are gone!

Stinger ST Series LED Grow Light

3w single chip

led grow lights with 13 Sizes

Busy Bee LEDs best grow lights

Stinger ST Series


Here at Busy Bee Leds we want our LED lights to help people reduce there foot print, to reduce their energy use and save money!

“Green Is Good” Right?

Brian @ BBL wants His led lights affordable! He wants the average and even below average income person to be able to afford a led Light. Thus Why he started Busy Bee Leds. He strives for The best Product for the best Price period, or he will die trying for his customers.

How can we have the best prices! Well we have very little over head, but our small company can still delivery big orders to our big clients at the best prices.  Almost all Big company products prices are mark up Double even triple, well not here at Busy Bee Leds.

One more thing you should know 95% of all led lights are built in China, yes thats 100% true, thus why we out source our products to our spec as well.

Replace your old High Bay HID HPS fixtures with our efficient LED High bay low bay lights. Or your Flood and stadium Led Lights.



We strive for The best Product for the best Price period.

 We have the best led lights for your replacements.

International Express: Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT and EMS. By air to major airpots of the world.
If you have preferred carrier, please notify us in advance.


Text me your questions 24/7 and we will reply to you asap!

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